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Healthcare Services in Sriperumbudur

The city contributes immensely to the healthcare industry of the country. Being a special economic zone in the country, Sriperumbudur has many hospitals and nursing centres. With the increase in need for world class treatment and medical products, Sriperumbudur's healthcare sector has witnessed a massive boom in the past few years. Apart from its industrial contributions, Sriperumbudur has many well established hospitals, nursing centers, medical colleges and yoga classes. Most of these healthcare entities are nurtured with high quality equipments, experienced doctores and flawless treatments. With more than 200 hospitals in and around the City, Sriperumbudur contributes immensely to healthcare.

Healthcare in Sriperumbudur

Special Healthcare Features in Sriperumbudur

India's first medical technological park is present in Sriperumbudur. It is called Aloka Trivitron Medical Technologies Park. The Medical Techno Park is present in SIPCOT complex, at Irungattukottai. The entire park spans across 25 acres and it offers high class medical services. The facility is meant to produce flawless medical equipments. The special park has 10 International healthcare technology producers. Various healthcare equipments like implantable medical devices, ultrasound systems, critical care instruments, X-Ray machines, ECG diagnostic products, C-Arms, heamodialysis entities,in vitro reagents, molecular products, operating theatre equipments and hospital lights are produced in this secure medical park.

Government Hospitals in Sriperumbudur

It is quite interesting to note that Government Hospitals in Sriperumbudur are maintained with an utmost level of care. The Government hospital has skilled doctors, nearly 100 beds, an in built pharmacy, few ICU wards, maternity centers and General healthcare units. Often, critical cases from Government Hospitals in Sriperumbudur are diverted to hospitals in Chennai, which is just 40km from Sriperumbudur. This is why many healthcare policies and plans are being introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu, to uplift Sriperumbudur's Government hospitals.

Healthcare Retreats in Sriperumbudur

retreats in SriperumbudurIn accordance with the very old saying "Health is Wealth", Sriperumbudur offers many healthcare retreats. These retreats are done in cozy environments, surrounded by greenery and fresh waters. Aayushmaan Nature Cure offers the city's most luxurious and mind blowing retreats. The small village in Sriperumbudur is often visited by tourists and business professionals. The service would last from 2 to 3 days. The paid retreat is meant for elders and adolescents, who wish to get rid of the busy city's hustles and bustles. Aayushmaan Nature Cure's healthcare retreat is handled by skilled fitness trainers, yoga instructors and dieticians.

Private Hospitals in Sriperumbudur

Private hospitals in Sriperumbudur are drafted to deliver high quality healthcare services. The private healthcare entities focus on respect, excellence, protection and compassion. These hospitals have many divisions like Critical Healthcare Support, Cardiovascular care, Cosmetic Surgeries, Cancer Institutes, Neurosciences, Gynaecology and Obstetrics. The private hospitals have 24 hour emergency care units and round the clock ambulance services. Jaya Hospital, Pandian Hospital and Devi Hospital are three famous names in the list of private hospitals in Sriperumbudur.

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